Moscot has been producing dark acrylic frames so long that they once sold them from a pushcart on the streets of New York.  (This is quite unlike today, where the stuff you buy from a pushcart are things like Gucki or Cooch – knock-off purses made in China.)  So a few years ago when I needed new glasses I wanted classics, not the super trendy Prada or DG glasses that everyone was carrying.   I’m in KS so my options were Oakley, something from Sunglasses Hut, Oakley, crap from Lenscrafters or Walmart, etc..  Instead I gambled and went online to order a pair of Moscot Nebb frames.

I’ve been wearing the Nebb for what feels like forever, definitely longer than any other pair of glasses.  Now you can find thick acrylic frames based on the classic Moscot styles from just about any designer.  It’s time for me to change it up a bit, and I’ll be ordering another pair of Moscots.  This time, the iconic Lemtosh in light tortoiseshell.

Moscot Lemtosh for OriginalAnalog